September 2017

September 2017

I first met Lisa in my class last year. She was in my minority class – a Mongolian student from XinJiang province. In June when I mentioned to her that I was looking for students to connect with a Short Term Team, she quickly volunteered. During those two weeks she got to know both the team, and another one of my Chinese friends, who is a believer.

After the team left, they encouraged us to follow up with Lisa. They said she’d asked great questions about Christianity, and had even asked them for a Bible. My Chinese friend, who has since graduated, mentioned having similar conversations with her.

So last week a teammate and I went on a walk with Lisa to follow up. After answering her many questions, we realized she had a good grasp of what it means to follow Jesus. We invited her to pray, and she did.

Later that night we were also able to connect her to another one of my students who attends the local church – who happened to be just returning to campus from a church event with yet another classmate who is seeking!!

The semester has barely begun, but we’ve been blown away by how God is already answering prayers from last semester and this summer.