Impact the four corners of China

We are a team-oriented, pioneering, inter-denominational, Christian nonprofit organization.

Our strategy

(1) Sharing the gospel with Chinese university students and connecting them with the local Chinese church.

(2) Providing discipleship and music ministry training for Chinese believers.

(3) Reaching out to Chinese ethnic minorities

Our vision

Form leaders equipped to develop the Chinese church.

Our mission

Live as a community empowered by the Holy Spirit, seeking to serve the Chinese church by forming leaders through evangelism and discipleship.

What we do

We focus on evangelism to university students by living on campus and sharing the gospel with our students.  We disciple believers into the Chinese church because we believe that getting new believers plugged into their local body is the best way we can serve the Chinese church. Our goal is to reach the four corners of Northwest China by 2020, planting new sites on campuses in 5 of the 6 provinces that make up the Chinese Northwest. We learn the Chinese language through study and cultural immersion.

We’ve been blessed by deep relationships of partnership and trust with multiple indigenous Chinese churches. We’ve had the privilege to disciple and train young leaders within Chinese church networks, many of whom have gone on to become translators, pastors, and worship leaders. We’ve helped university students give their lives to Christ, and we ask our staff to actively share their faith.


Testimonies from our team

  • August 2017

    Her parents already had too many children. And she was a girl. “They wanted to just toss me out,” but her grandma,...

  • July 2017

    Part of the work I am currently doing is studying Mandarin here in China. My first year I taught at a university,...

  • June 2017

    Remember that feeling when Christmas was just three nights away? As a child, my siblings and I would “count the sleeps” until...


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