Who We Are

China partners

is a team-oriented, pioneering, inter-denominational Christian nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to live as a community empowered by the Holy Spirit, China Partners seeks to serve the Chinese church by forming leaders through evangelism and discipleship.

Our vision is to form leaders equipped to develop the Chinese church.

Our strategy is two-fold:
(1) reaching Chinese university students and developing indigenous fellowships on Chinese campuses;
(2) providing discipleship and English language training to Chinese believers.

Of note: We have historically focused on evangelism and indigenous church development in Northwest China. As a group, we offer significant evangelistic and church-developing ministry with an international, personal, flexible, team-oriented feel. We learn language through immersion by living with Chinese families.

Results: We’ve been blessed with deep relationships of partnership and trust with multiple indigenous Chinese churches. Young Chinese leaders have been discipled and trained through our ministry. We’ve directly led university students in giving their lives to Christ.